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SFB 889 symposium

"Transformation from sound to meaning in the ferret auditory cortex"
Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Fritz, Neural Systems Laboratory, University of Maryland, USA

Time: Tuesday, June 28th, 2016, 15:15
Location: Main lecture hall, Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine, Herrmann-Rein-Str. 3
Host: Dr. Livia de Hoz

InnoTruck Fokusthema Simulation - die dritte Säule der Wissenschaft 2017

Time: tba 2017
  Location: tba Göttingen

Ribbon Synapses Symposium 2017

We would like to announce the upcoming Ribbon Synapses Symposium (RSS) 2017, a specialized international conference to be held in Göttingen, Germany on September 11th-12th 2017. The meeting is jointly organized by the two Collaborative Research Centers SFB 889 "Cellular Mechanisms of Sensory Processing" and SFB 894 "Ca2+ Signaling: Molecular Mechanisms and Integrative Functions" and will be hosted at the Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine. This meeting aims to not only bring together experts in the field, who will present and discuss novel data and provide a detailed overview of the current state of the art of ribbon synapse research, but additionally provide a platform for young scientists to present their work in form of either an oral presentation and/or a poster.

[Website and registration]

Confirmed Speakers: onathan Demb, Jeffrey Diamond, Ruth-Anne Eatock, Henrique von Gersdorff, Elisabeth Glowatzki, Cole Graydon, Ruth Heidelberger, Martin Heine, Alexandra Koschak, Hernan Lopez-Schier, Frank Schmitz, Michael Schnee, Stephan Sigrist, Thirumalini Vaithianathan, Margaret Veruki, David Zenisek.
Time: Monday, September 11th till Tuesday, September 12th, 2017
  Location: Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hermann-Rein-Str. 3, Göttingen

Restoration of Sensory and Motor Function 2016 Symposium

We would like to announce the ‘Restoration of Sensory and Motor Function Symposium 2016’ to be held from May 26th to 27th 2016 in Göttingen, Germany. The idea of this small size (we expect approximately 100 attendees) and highly interactive meeting is to exchange experience among researchers aiming to restore sensory and motor function. Speakers will cover molecular therapies such as virus-mediated regeneration of sensory cells and optogenetic restoration of vision and hearing as well as sensory and motor prosthetics. The conference is organized by the Physics2Medicine consortium of the Göttingen cluster "Physics to Medicine (P2M)" and supported by several DFG-funded collaborative research activities and the Göttingen Graduate School for Neurosciences, Biophysics and Molecular Biology "GGNB". We encourage participation of young scientists who might contribute by short talks (selected from applications) or posters.
[Website and registration]

Speakers: Oskar Aszmann, Ernst Bamberg, Volker Busskamp, Max Ortiz Catalan, Ingeborg Hochmair, Sonja Kleinlogel, Dejan Popovic, Stanisa Raspopovic, Patrick Ruther, José Sahel, Hansjörg Scherberger, Hinrich Staecker, Malte Tiburcy
Time: Wednesday, May 26th to Saturday, May 28th, 2016
  Location: Lecture Hall 552, near East Entrance, Universiy Medical Center Göttingen , 37075 Göttingen
Contact: Patricia Räke-Kügler